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Posted on Tuesday Nov 11 0:00:00 GMT 2008
       Hello and welcome to the Clan Wood Society Blog space. My name is Steve Wood and I am one of your elected Council Members. I will also be one of the Moderators for the Blog Space. From time to time, the Society will post here articles of interest to members. Some of these articles may be available in other parts of the Society website and some may not. The difference about this space is that you as a member can comment on the posts found here. You can also post informative items or questions of your own that are relevant to the Clan and the Society.  We would, however, like to ask you to remember that your posts are visible to members of many different age groups and backgrounds, so please help us to keep the Blog space family friendly. Posts will be monitored for content, and any inappropriate posts will be removed by moderators. Thank you for your assistance, and enjoy the Blog.   Tutus in Undis!

Genealogy - DNA Testing

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We are quite often asked if we operate a Wood DNA database, to which the answer is No, it would need professional management.
However, we have recently been given the option to link up with such a project that would remain independent of the Clan Wood Society financially and in all other respects.  Before we take any action, the Council would like to know what interest there might be among our members in taking part.
You can respond without identifying yourself.  We are just trying to get some idea of the level of potential interest.

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  1. Robert Wood

    I would be interested

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  2. Chris Cobb

    To introduce myself, I am a member of the Wood Clan only in that my maternal grandma was a Miss Wood & her g'father came from Fife. Now as to DNA . I have had DNA analysis done FOC by Relative Genetics 5 years ago. RG were swallowed up by a Year ago sadly. In my experiance, such as it is, DNA analysis is only really worthwhile where well proven documented ancestry becomes faint many generations back ( say 12 + ) and thus can help to proove that a link exists to a well proven DOCUMENTED line. In my case "Cobb of Kent". There has been an issue where two brothers living c.1390 had only a very faint linking by document. But a recent DNA analysis for a new Cobb descendant of the older 1300's brother has very much" strengthened" this link which up to now was disputed by some. Otherwise I find the Ancestry. com DNA service more than a little USA centric unfortunatly - the old Relative Genetics service was much better Regards Chris Cobb

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  3. Brian Wood

    interested if not too costly does provide further "family" links to be followed up

    Posted on

  4. Nick Wood (Sec.)

    I'm afraid we've no reason to think the service will be free, Roy. I understand that laboratory testing has a price.

    Posted on

  5. ronnie wood (chair )

    I would like to have more info on this subject,please help. T.I.U

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  6. Roy Woods

    Hi I think this is a great idea, especially if it can be done for free. We might think that tracing our family tree is hopefully flawless, it would be great to have DNA proof to support our tree.

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  7. Jeffrey Swaim

    The idea of a DNA database is rather creepy to me. On the other hand, genealogical records and family histories are of great interest. My sister, Becca Perry, has done a lot of research into the family tree of my mother's side of the family. My mother's name is Sonora Ann Swaim, but her maiden name is Wood. Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in learning more. I can put you in contact with my sister, who knows more about it. For some reason beyond my understanding I have been kept in the dark and fed bull my entire life, so I can only redirect you to her since she won't tell me a thing about it. LOL.

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  8. Jerry Oven

    I would be interested in doing DNA sampling. I've heard that the Wood family has some of the best DNA anywhere, fine DNA! No, I really would do it. Here in the U.S. there are several companies that provide testing for a fee.

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