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Posted on Tuesday Nov 11 0:00:00 GMT 2008
       Hello and welcome to the Clan Wood Society Blog space. My name is Steve Wood and I am one of your elected Council Members. I will also be one of the Moderators for the Blog Space. From time to time, the Society will post here articles of interest to members. Some of these articles may be available in other parts of the Society website and some may not. The difference about this space is that you as a member can comment on the posts found here. You can also post informative items or questions of your own that are relevant to the Clan and the Society.  We would, however, like to ask you to remember that your posts are visible to members of many different age groups and backgrounds, so please help us to keep the Blog space family friendly. Posts will be monitored for content, and any inappropriate posts will be removed by moderators. Thank you for your assistance, and enjoy the Blog.   Tutus in Undis!


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Let's take the opportunity to introduce ourselves here on this thread. - Steve :)

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  1. margaret willcocks

    my name is margaret willcocks and I am a wood descendant on my mother's side, I have traced my family back to Andrew wood,born edinburgh 1771, from a family of musical instrument makers and music publishers,and jacobina ferrier born fife 1777,They had three sons, Robert Wood, John Muir wood and george wood, I would like to trace the family back further. Are there any members who have any information about this family's history. Also, would anyone know what tradename was on the musical instruments they made? square pianos, organs, harps and drums. I would love to come and meet you all in september, depends on the dates,

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  2. BJ Chinnery

    My name is BJ Chinnery, I am of Wood decent on my mother's side. My grandmother is Myrtle Francis Wood (b.1918), whose father and grandfather both with names of Gilbert Tracy Wood (Kentucky and Oklahoma). Both Gilbert Tracy Wood are also of Cherokee decent. I am currently working on my grandmother's geneology. As I gain more information I will gladly share with high hopes of making great family connections. My family has strong military back grounds. Specifically in the US Army. I myself served 27 years and am now retired. I am very proud of my Scots-Irish heritage and have a strong desire to learn as much as possible about my family's ancestors. I now live in OK, please let me know how I can become active in the Wood Clan Society.

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    Hi out there. I live in Surrey, England with my wife, daughter and 3 sons having moved down to London some 32 years ago from Fife. I am proud to say that all 3 sons are 'scottish' through and through despite being born in England. My father George Wood from Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland wrote the new Clan Wood pipe music and attended the Clan Chiefs inauguration last year with a few other Wood relatives. We have traced our family tree, which generally is centred on Portsoy, Banff in Morayshire back to the Battle of Culloden in 1746 where the local Wood family fishermen were required to swear allegiance to the Crown following the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie's army. Happy to support and strengthen the Clan in whatever way possible.

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  4. Debbie Nunn

    Hi All. My maiden name is Woods. My ancestors were alternately Wood/Woods in Rowan County North Carolina in the late 1700's. We believe our ancestor was James Woods born in NC in 1786 and possibly the grandson of Mathew Wood/Woods (?) of North Carolina. We don't know where our immigrant ancestor came from but believe it was Mathew Wood/Woods. The family did not keep many written records. I am glad to be a member of this society.

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  5. Ronald Woods

    Greetings All...I'm new to the society. I live in Florida, USA. I have not been able to accurately trace my lineage, but understand through family rumor of the Scot connection. My line has alternately used Wood/Woods, mostly Wood until my father. Anyway, glad to be a member and hope to continue tracing my ancestors back to Scotland. Cheers/T.I.U.

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  6. James Wood

    Many greetings, my name is James Wood and I was born and raised in Macon, Georgia. I have been in the United States Marine Corps for almost ten years now and am currently stationed in Atlanta, GA. I am descended from Dempsey Wood Sr. 1737-1835 who was in the American Revolution and was born in North Carolina. I have not been able to find any conclusive information going any further back. I am happy to find myself here. Tutus in Undis!

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  7. Stephen K. Wood

    Clarence: I am attempting to track our line and it also leads back to Patrick County Va. I would love to talk if you would send me your email and phone # My email is [email protected] - T.I.U. Steve Wood :)

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  8. Robert Sorensen

    I am a descendant of Richard Wood b. 1515 Halifax ,Yorkshire,England. I was adopted by my mothers brother, thus Sorensen, My given name is Robert L. Wood. I Am the Pres./Drum Major of a pipe and drum unit here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I is customary that a new pipe group would take on the founding father family Kilt. Which I was Honored by my unit to take on the Wood kilt as their Kilt. With the blessing of Wood Society. We are only a little over a year old, but are doing great..There are two units. One are men that belong to The Elriad Shrine and do work to support our chilren hospitals thru out North America. I was talked into, to start another Unit for people that where not in the Shrine, to learn and play pipes or drums. This included Ladys, chrildren, other men. The Shrine Highlander men are helping also with this group. We hope that we can make you all Wood's happy that we can represent the Wood Clan. Thanks Bob....esp Jerry Oven Wood...Ihave some info on Jonas Wood..He fits in my Wood me and I can give you what I have....Have a good day....

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  9. Clarence Woods

    Greetings, My name is Clarence Woods I reside in Maryland I am a descendant of Richard "Dickey" Wood of Wood's Gap, Patrick Co, Virginia. The "S" was added to our last name after my grandfather James Bethel Wood married.

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  10. Chris Wood

    Hello everyone, my name is Chris Wood and i am from Richland in the tip of South Carolina. My family did not keep very good records, as they were poor farmers. My scottish heritage was mostly passed down to younger generations orally. But that doesn't make me any less proud of my heritage. I hope to get to know you all better in the future.

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  11. Scott Woodie

    From my research I'm decsended from a Richard Wood that immigrated to America in the late 1700's. He's said to be from the montrose region. As for myself I'm a member of the U.S. Army currently serving in Afghanistan. If anyone could tell me more about where my family comes from I would deeply grateful.

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  12. Bryan C Wood

    Hello, my name is Bryan Wood, from Alberta, Canada. I am told I am a direct decendant of John Wood (Governor of Ilse of Mann) 1712-1777. We still have his original coat of arms, given to him in 1775. Many sites I have read, state that John Wood only had 3 daughters, although he did have a son. (Major-General John Wood 1755-?) The information gets a little blurry, but I believe that would make me a direct decendant of Sir Andrew Wood of Largo. If my math is correct, Sir Andrew Wood is my 14th grandfather.

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  13. Lacey Wood Frey

    Hello all, I'm Lacey Wood married to a Frey. My Great-Grandparents were James Wood and Jessie Munro Wood of Renfrew Parish. My Grandparents James Wood and Agnes Armstrong Wood met and married here in the states and had two sons, James Wood and Robert Mather Wood, Robert was my father. I have three sisters: Sharon, Jerrilyn, and Eileen. Not a lot of information, the Scots have always been a tight lipped sort and not much written info. So anyway happy to meet all of the Wood Clan.

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  14. Henry (Harry) Wood

    Hello my name is Harry Wood and I live in Peterborough Ontario Canada. My family in Scotland reside in Kelso in the beautiful Scottish Borders.I was raised in the ancient Kingdom of Northumbria. on the other side of the wall. As a former Merchant Navy Officer I'm very proud to belong to a Clan that has a strong association to the sea. At the end of December my wife Jean and I will make our annual trip to Florida for the New Year and return to Canada in March. We will have our lap top so we can keep in touch with the Clan.

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  15. Jeffery Douglas Wood

    Hello my name is Jeff Wood I live in Atlanta Ga, and was born in Virginia. I am very proud to be a member in this fine society and have great pleasure passing along my history of the name Wood. I am the Great Great Great Grandson of John Wood who came into America thru Cape Fear N.Carolina in or around the late 1600's but have came to a dead end from there I am positive that the Scottish blood runs deep in my blood and want to let each and everyone thats a member that it's a great and uplifting feeling to think that we all come from such a Regal and wonderful back ground. Cheers to all... Sincerly, Jeff Wood

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  16. Scott Wood

    Greetings from Arizona! My name is Jon Scott Wood, son of John, son of John, son of Robert Durie Wood of Kilmany, Fife, who emigrated via Glasgow to the US in 1909. Son of William Wood and Janet Henderson, he married Elizabeth Blyth Killie in 1902. Having just come to this knowledge at the tender age of 58 (my family never talked about their heritage), I am curious to see if anyone knows more about Robert or Elizabeth or their families and whether or not there are still members of this branch of the Wood Clan still in Fife somewhere. Cheers.

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  17. Brian L Wood

    George Wood and family of Dale Street(Gorbals), Glasgow came to Montreal, Canada June 7, 1910 on the SS Southwark with a family of Dad was born here on March 8, 1913...the family names linked to us are Wason, Meikle and Houston and I hope to discover todays relatives from "hame"...thank you

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  18. Jerry Oven - Wood

    Hello Fellow Woods. I am Jerry Oven, Oven was an adoptive name. I am from the Wood line on my father's side. I am a direct decendant of Jonas Wood of New Hempstead, New York. He and his sons Supported the King during the American revolution and were exiled to Canada and were given the U.E.L. Honor. I am looking for more info on John Wood, Decendant of the admiral who died in London. I have been of Scottish decent for 3 years now. Well, I just learned my lineage. I have alot to learn.

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  19. Steve Wood

    It does seem that everything has worked out for you in the end Jeff. Congratulations to you both on finding each other. I hope you will have many happy years together. :)

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  20. Jeff Swaim

    Thank you, Steve. Well isn't life mysterious? As it turns out, the Irish lass whom I met when SHE was 18 has informed me that she is in love with me, something the young Scottish lady has never said. For the longest time I thought there was some trick, that deep down the Scottish lady really loved me but was forbidden from saying so for some unfathomable reason. If your life was as bizarre as mine is, this line of illogic would make sense to you also. As it happens, Jenny found the love of her life and will probably marry him soon. I am happy for her, and wish her well. Now, if it weren't for my young Irish lady (with her emerald eyes that are like infinite pools of radiance when she smiles with love in her heart), I might be singing a different tune, on that would make even the coldest hearts break, and flood the world with tears. As it stands, I can smile and say proudly that I helped the Scottish lady become who she was meant to become, and with my Irish angel at my side I will be quite happy as well, thank you very much. Funny how God just comes up with his own clever solutions to the most painful of predicaments, isn't it?

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  21. Steve Wood

    Nice to meet you Jeff. - Steve :)

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  22. Jeff Swaim

    Hello, my mother's maiden name is Wood. Her name is Sonora, and she is a great lady. Though approaching 70 years of age, she is still very active. She is the manager of a fabric store in southern Oregon, and I live in Eugene, Oregon. She raised me with good values, along with my father. She was named from one of our ancestor's two daughters: Sonora and Havana. He named his daughters after places he had sailed to in his many travels. My sister named her daughter Havana in honor of this same sailing Wood ancestor of ours. :) I have lived in Oregon for 15 years, but was born in Texas. My uncle Perry Wood is also a great man, and my aunt Martha Copeland is awesome too. :D I am very proud to be a Wood and a Texan. It is a huge part of my identity and I miss them dearly. I met a beautiful Scottish lass when I arrived in Oregon, and helped her grow into a beautiful and outgoing young lady. Then I had to set her free like a butterfly, for fear of stifling her. Now the time has come when we will be reunited and wed. I pray every day that this dream of mine comes true. I built my life around that dream, and I will be deeply sad if it does not come to fruition.

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