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Posted on Tuesday Nov 11 0:00:00 GMT 2008
       Hello and welcome to the Clan Wood Society Blog space. My name is Steve Wood and I am one of your elected Council Members. I will also be one of the Moderators for the Blog Space. From time to time, the Society will post here articles of interest to members. Some of these articles may be available in other parts of the Society website and some may not. The difference about this space is that you as a member can comment on the posts found here. You can also post informative items or questions of your own that are relevant to the Clan and the Society.  We would, however, like to ask you to remember that your posts are visible to members of many different age groups and backgrounds, so please help us to keep the Blog space family friendly. Posts will be monitored for content, and any inappropriate posts will be removed by moderators. Thank you for your assistance, and enjoy the Blog.   Tutus in Undis!

Open Discussion Thread

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Members may post any comments, questions etc. they like on this thread, as long as they are suitable for all eyes that is. Tutus in undis. :)  - Steve ( Moderator )

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  1. Christiaan Heerma van Voss

    In my genealogy I came across a Wood family that settled in Zeeland. According to a book about Dutch families of the Dutch Antilles my ancestor Richard Wood, a wool merchant came to Veere in 1650. Veere was an important city of trade of Scottish wool. --> quote "...afstammelinge van oud Schots adellijk geslacht. Sir Richard Wood, grootvader van Anna had zich ongeveer 1650 gevestigd als koopman in wol in de stad Veere." translation quote: "....descendant of an old Scottish noble family. Sir Richard Wood, the grandfather of Anna (Jacoba Wood) settled as a wool merchant in the city of Veere around 1650." His daughter Maria Wood was married to Herman Evertsen, son of the famous Admiral Cornelis Evertsen the Elder---> Does anyone know something about this Dutch branch and can someone confirm that this Richard Wood belonged to the Wood of Largo? Any help is appreciated, yours sincerely Christiaan Heerma van Voss

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  2. Steve Wood

    The Society is always looking for volunteers who are willing to staff a Clan Wood Tent at their local Games or festival. The Society will assist and support those volunteers in every way we can. That is what we are here for. If you would like to take part, please contact your representative for your country listed on the Home Page. (Contact addresses are shown in the Bulletins Page of the Members' Area.) Thank You - Steve Wood , Council Chairman :-)

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  3. Steve Wood

    This was forwarded to me by Thom Wood and I thought we should post it here for all to see :) ATTENTION ALL WOODS! We have an opportunity to purchase a professionally designed Wood tartan KILT right here in North America that would cost a FRACTION of what you would have to order from our native Scotland. Last year I ordered a USMC kilt from, the largest maker of kilts in the USA, and I was VERY happy with their design, ease of wear, and professional attention to detail. Cost: $60 That got me thinking. Since SportKilt does NOT carry our beautiful tartan, I have been wanting them to think about carrying our tartan so that we WOODs all across N. America could FINALLY have access to our own kilt products. Two days ago I sent them an email and I received this prompt reply: "Thanks for writing, and I hadn’t heard from anybody from Clan Wood yet. How many members are there in Clan Wood? I ask because we have a very large minimum order we need to make when we purchase material, so we need to be sure we can sell at least 200 kilts or so to make it viable. I look forward to hearing from you." A 200 kilt minimum may seem a daunting task but, afterall, they are a business and have to make a profit to stay in business. In all honesty, I think we can do this. We haven't really realized our potential as an important part of our local Scottish Games throughout N. America, and we have to stop thinking of ourselves as some small group tossing barbs back and forth on Facebook, and get out and DO something. I REALLY need your help, but in a larger sense we need to help each other. I need each one of you to start spreading the word, to your neighbors, your friends, your family. We also need you to reach across the border to our friends in Canada and give them this information about SportKilt. You need to starting writing letters and emails to WOODs wherever they are and show them how much enjoyment we get out of being a "WOOD!" especially when we attend Scottish Highland Games sprouting up throughout N. America. After recently attending this year's Games here in my native Greenville, South Carolina and seeing the PEOPLE who came by the Clan Wood tent, asking who we were (most of which didn't even know there WAS a Clan Wood!), it dawned on me that ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! And that difference is YOU! Please contact me at [email protected] and give me your impressions, your ideas, and your support. If you've not personally seen the BEAUTIFUL tartan that represents Clan Wood as I have, then you are in for a treat. I need close to 200 people to write me and tell me that they would be interested in seeing manufacture our kilt and make a COMMITMENT to buy one if it were available. For $60, that is a real bargain! It's a lightweight poly-acrylic and is machine washable, a far cry from the woolen material you would have to take care of that's made in Scotland (sorry, no offense to our homeland brothers). What say ye??

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  4. Steve Wood

    Chris, send me an email. [email protected] :)

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  5. Chris Wood

    Hello Steve, I also have the outdoor addiction. I am a flyfisherman,archer/bowhunter,survival skills enthusiest. I would like to try kayaking but haven't yet. I live 20 minutes from the Chattooga River.

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  6. Steve Wood

    Welcome Jerry! If you open the latest newsletter on this site and scroll down you will come to a copy of the badge. you can right click on it and save the picture as a file or copy it and paste into a program like Microsoft Paint. It is also available to be copied or linked to in the photo section of :)

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  7. Jerry Oven - Wood

    Where can I find a hi-res copy of the new badge? I want to make myself a tee-shirt. Anybody sell shirts with the new badge?

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  8. Steve Wood

    I am personally into Hunting, Fishing, Paddling ( kayak and canoe ), Rock Climbing, Wilderness skills, and Heraldry. I was wondering if there was anyone else on here that shares any of these afflictions. :)

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  9. Jeff Swaim

    Q: How much would would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? A: Well, maybe after all this nonsense is done perhaps we can start training woodchucks to chuck wood and finally know the answer.

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