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Here are some known events in North America at which the Clan Wood Society will be present.
If you would like to organize a Clan Wood Society Presence at your local games or festival, please contact the Society through this Web site, and we will assist in any way that we can.

18th Annual
Radford Highlanders Festival
Radford University, Radford VA.
October 12th 2013

Greater Greenville (SC) Scottish Games
and Highland Festival - "Gallabrae"
Furman University, Greenville, SC
 Memorial Day weekend
May 23rd through May 23, 2014
6th Annual Laurel Hill Highland Games & Festival
Location: Laurel Hill "The J.E.B Stuart Birthplace"
June 1st 2013

Tartan Strip

 Volunteers Needed

     Volunteers are needed to staff and help staff tents at the games listed above and other games arround North America. If you are interested in being involved with the fun and rewarding experience of representing Clan Wood at your local Scottish games or others, please contact Thom Wood, the Society's representative for the USA, Brian Wood our rep for Canada, or Council Chair Steve Wood. Part of the Society's mission is to staff Clan tents at these events. No monetary output on your part is required, and these activities can be a fun and rewarding time. Please see the FAQ below.



Q - What is a Clan Tent -

                A -  A Clan Tent is a tent set up at Scottish Games or festivals to represent the individual Clans, provide information on that Clan, and give Clan and Society members a place to gather and relax.

Q - Who can Staff a Clan Wood Society Tent-

                  A - Anyone can staff a Clan Wood tent, but a Society member must be responsible for overseeing the tent, and receiving materials funded by the Society. You are welcome to have family and friends who are not members join you and assist you in staffing the tent.

Q -  What will it cost -

                  A -  The Clan Wood Society endeavors to cover the cost of representing the Clan Wood at Games and Festivals as part of our mission to serve the Clan. Please Contact us and ask how we can help.







Clan Wood Society in South Carolina

Thom Wood says:

Good News for 2014!

The Greenville Scottish Highland Games, under its new name Gallabrae, celebrates its 9th year on this Memorial Day with record crowds continuing to show up for one of the South's largest festivals covering 5 days.  We're really glad to see this happen! This means that we will be drawing even larger crowds, which will top our next-door neighbor at the Scottish Highland Games, Grandfather Mtn, in North Carolina. And if you haven't been to see the new downtown Greenville, SC which continues to win numerous national awards for its renaissance, you surely will want to come and spend several days with us during the 5 day festival and see all the sites! This will now put us in the national spotlight as one of the largest Highland Games and festival anywhere in the United States! Take a look at the link above.

Now all 50 states have some form of Scottish Highland Games or festival which shows the continued interest in our Scottish roots and culture all across America.  That's why YOU have to get involved, because I can't do my job unless you're willing to see yourself recognized by Clan Wood in every one of the 50 states.

"Thom, where can I get a Wood kilt?"  We finally have found a way to have a Wood kilt made right here in the United States.  St. Kilda USA is undertaking this project of making a medium weight acrylic pattern at a cost of about $70 for men's and women's kilts and after having seen their product personally, I highly recommend you contact me to get a kilt to wear proudly to your local Scottish games.  I am currently working up an order for a first time run of a Clan Wood kilt so that St. Kilda can stock our tartan for the future.  If you will contact me,, I can add your name to that order to get this project started. 




Hear the clarion call, and ride for glory! (And for a really great time out!)


Tartan Strip


The South Dakota Highland Pipes and Drums parade proudly in their Clan Wood kilts


Brandon Parade


Drum Major Robert Sorensen


Founder Drum Major Robert Sorensen sporting the Clan Wood crest badge with which he was presented in May 2010


SD Pipers

These men help to raise billions of Canadian and US dollars to provide free treatment at Shriners' Hospitals for crippled and burnt children



Tartan Strip





Having done us so proud at the 2009 event (see the Members' Bulletins pages), Thom Wood, with his cousin Cheryl, has headed another Parade contingent at the 2010 Annual Scottish Games in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.
Greenville Times
His Royal Highness Prince Edward, Duke of
Wessex, was a guest of honor at the Games,
and Thom's entry in the Parade was
photographed by the Greenville Times
Examiner newspaper.
* * *
Thom 2010




One of the main purposes for which we exist as a Society is to facilitate a Clan Wood presence at Games and Festivals Worldwide,
and by doing so inform Clan members and the public in about the rich history of this honorable Clan
as well as provide a point of contact with other Clan members.
If you would like to represent the Society at your local Games or Festival, please contact the Council Representative for your region by email
or the Council through this link



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